For many years now, architects and designers of large commercial building projects have understood and harnessed the many benefits of aluminium. An inherently strong metal, aluminium has been used in many of the world’s iconic modern buildings including New York’s Empire State Building and, more recently, the Titanic Museum in Belfast.

Aluminium is chosen because it offers the same strength of steel at half the weight. It is also corrosion resistant, low maintenance and is 100 per cent recyclable. So it’s not at all surprising that aluminium is now an extremely popular choice among homeowners wanting a brand-new look for their windows.

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Here at Aston Architectural Aluminium our expert team supplies a highly desirable range of premium slimline aluminium windows (and doors) to installers and builders across the South East. Our windows range is completely bespoke, depending on the requirements of your customers. For customised aluminium casement windows, we can create a range of sizes, styles and RAL colours to suit both modern and more traditional installations.

Aluminium windows are increasingly popular due to their combination of durability and modern design. Below is a list of advantages that aluminium windows have for homeowners looking for a stronger and more stylish option that standard uPVC windows:

  • Outstanding thermal efficiency. Aluminium is exceptionally thermally efficient, and easily matches current Building Regulations around sustainability. An aluminium window will prevent heat loss and save on energy bills while helping to promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Design flexibility. Aluminium’s inherent strength allows for slim frame profiles which maximise glazed areas while offering clean, minimalistic lines that suit both contemporary and older homes.
  • Durability: Aluminium is resistant to warping, corrosion, and flexing, which contributes to the longevity of the windows.
  • Minimal maintenance. Aluminium windows require very little upkeep. A clean every few months is more than enough, plus a yearly check to make sure all moving parts are lubricated and working.

Installers and builders seeking sustainable and high-performance double glazed windows for residential projects need look no further than aluminium. Aluminium windows are the smart choice for those wanting to enhance their property with a stylish, durable, and energy-efficient solution.

At Aston Architectural Aluminium, we offer our trade partners an unrivalled collection of aluminium products, manufactured bespoke at our Watford factory. For more information about what we do, get in touch here or give us a call on 01923 510 220.