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Traditionally styled aluminium doors and windows

Classic aesthetic modern performance

Aluminium heritage doors and windows are the perfect solution for installations in period properties, listed buildings and properties located in conservation areas. They can be specified as casement windows, single doors and double doors. All our heritage doors and windows combine seamlessly and can be used in a large-scale renovation project to create a tasteful and uniform appearance throughout the building.

Available as casement windows, single doors, and double doors, they seamlessly integrate into large-scale renovation projects, creating a consistent and elegant aesthetic throughout.

Key Features


Faithfully replicate the original Crittal steel windows with slim sight lines for a sleek, elegant appearance.


Featuring multi-point locking systems and face-mounted shootbolts to ensure your home’s security.


Advanced thermal-break technology provides outstanding energy efficiency, reducing U values and heating costs.


Choose from a range of durable powder-coated marine-grade finishes to match your style.


We offer a variety of marine-grade stainless steel hardware choices to complement your windows and doors.


Our products are tested to meet British standards for weather protection, ensuring they stand the test of time.

Black Heritage Windows
  • Finishes & Materials
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Accessories
  • Safety & Security
  • Technical/Downloads

Finishes & Materials

Brown Coated Window


All Aston Architectural Aluminium doors and windows are finished in a durable powder-coat paint. White, grey, and black are classic colour options while for a unique appearance you can offer your customers any of over 200 RAL colours. All powder-coat finishes are extremely low-maintenance and come with a 20-year guarantee, enabling you to enjoy our elegant range of heritage doors and windows for many years to come.

Obsidian Black
Platinum Grey
Olive Green
Desert Grey
Antique Grey
Amazon Green
Antique Green
Province Green
Velour White
Frost White
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Aluminium & Materials

At Aston Architectural Aluminium, we use only premium-quality aluminium. Aluminium is an inherently strong material which is weather-resistant and thermally-efficient. It is also extremely versatile and compatible with an endless array of product designs and specifications.

Thermal Efficiency

Heritage Window

Thermal performance

All Aston Architectural Aluminium doors and windows have been tested to ensure that they meet current building regulations for thermal performance. Our aluminium windows can help to:

  • Reduce heat loss
  • Protect against condensation
  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • Lower energy usage
  • Promote sustainability


Door Accessories


Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your project with a selection of hard-wearing and attractive accessories. When you want to offer your customers the best in customisation, it’s important to use the best accessories to complement your aluminium doors and windows. Our heritage doors and windows can be specified with the following accessories:

  • Choice of Art Deco and heritage window and door handles
  • Customised size and configuration
  • Single or dual colour
  • Tape or gasket glazed

Safety & Security

White Heritage Window

Safety & security

All our aluminium heritage window and door collection are designed with safety and security in mind. Smart Aluminium casement windows and fixed lights are tested to PAS 24: 2016 criteria for security performance. All other heritage aluminium doors and windows provide the following protection:

  • High security multi-point locking systems
  • Strong and secure frames
  • Robust hinges
  • Face mounted shoot bolts
  • Kitemark certification


Technical & downloads

Click on the links to download all the essential technical product documentation. Visit our download page to browse the technical details of all our aluminium doors and windows.

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AAA - Data Sheet - AD-55 & AW-47

AAA Guarantee Cover


AAA Cleaning Cover

Powder Coating Cleaning

White multi-pane heritage style window in a bright room with greenery visible outside.

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What Should You Know About Aluminium Heritage Doors and Windows?

Aluminium heritage doors and windows offer the timeless elegance of traditional steel windows with modern performance benefits. Ideal for period properties and listed buildings, these products are meticulously crafted to meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

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What style are the heritage doors and windows designed to replicate?

The aluminium heritage doors and windows are designed to replicate the traditional look of traditional steel replacement windows.

What types of heritage doors and windows does Aston supply?

Aston supplies aluminium casement windows, single doors and double doors in heritage styles.

What properties are heritage doors and windows suitable for?

They are suitable for installations in listed buildings and properties in conservation areas that require traditional styling.

What are the benefits of Aston's heritage doors and windows?

They combine a classic aesthetic with modern aluminium performance benefits like weather resistance and thermal efficiency.

Can the heritage doors and windows be used together?

Yes, the Heritage collection is designed to seamlessly combine together to create a uniform heritage style across a full building renovation.

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