Garden Room with Bifold Doors

Bespoke garden rooms

The garden room concept is becoming very popular, adding value, extra space, a home work-place and sense of fun in the garden. Garden rooms benefit hugely from doors which both fill ‘wide-openings’ and open out completely to achieve a natural blend of garden and indoor space.

Aston Architectural’s doors and windows provide beautiful but effective solutions, making garden rooms light and airy while preventing heat-loss with double-glazed doors and windows.

Aluminium for Garden Rooms - Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how our aluminium doors and windows are perfect for garden room installations.

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What products does Aston supply for garden rooms?

Aston specialises in supplying wide-opening aluminium doors and windows for garden rooms.

Why are wide openings beneficial for garden rooms?

Wide openings allow for a seamless blend between the garden and indoor space.

What other benefits do Aston's products offer for garden rooms?

As well as wide openings, Aston's aluminium doors and windows are thermally efficient with double glazing to prevent heat loss.

Why are aluminium doors and windows well suited to garden rooms?

Aluminium is strong, durable and weather resistant, ideal for external garden room use.

Who are the typical customers for Aston's garden room products?

Aston supplies aluminium doors and windows for garden rooms to builders and installers.

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