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Improving thermal performance for a more sustainable future

All our aluminium doors and windows have been independently-tested and certified to ensure that they meet current building regulation criteria for thermal performance. Many of our products achieve an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency and when tested under laboratory conditions, deliver outstanding U-values.

When you offer your customers aluminium doors and windows from Aston Architectural Aluminium, you are giving them an opportunity to improve the thermal performance of their property. This reduction in heat loss equates to lower carbon emissions, reduced heating bills and a reduced environmental impact.

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100% recyclable aluminium products

All Aston aluminium products are made from 100% recyclable aluminium. This means that we fabricate window and door systems within a closed-loop system. When our doors and windows reach the end of their life, the aluminium profiles can be melted-down and re-formed without any negative impact on the material.

When aluminium window profiles are recycled, any ancillary products are easily separated from the liquid aluminium to ensure that the new aluminium profiles are completely free from imperfections. Aluminium window profiles are often recycled and used in other industries for creating a diverse array of aluminium products. When you choose aluminium for your doors and windows, you are helping to promote a sustainable society.

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