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Bespoke aluminium solutions for builders merchants

Merchants typically specialise in supplying different types of raw materials and standard products to customers, builders and installers. However, they also supply added-value offerings which are designed to integrate with and complement the product specialism of the merchant.

Demand for aluminium ‘wide-opening’ doors and windows, mainly bifold and sliding doors, is growing fast as homeowners open out existing spaces and create more space at home through extensions and garden rooms. Builders and installers usually have more control over the size of the opening for such projects. This enables them to plan the door and window size ahead of time to suit stock sizes held at their local merchant.

Builders and installers really value this approach as they benefit from short lead-times and reliable quality. This in turn makes it attractive for merchants to stock and sell a small range of aluminium doors and windows and add real value to their customers.

Supplying Aluminium Doors & Windows to Merchants

Learn how we help merchants meet demand from builders and installers for quality aluminium products.

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What types of products does Aston supply to merchants?

Aston supplies finished aluminium doors and windows like bifold and sliding doors to merchants.

Why is demand growing for Aston's products?

Homeowners are installing more wide-opening aluminium doors and windows to open out existing spaces.

How can builders benefit from merchants stocking Aston's products?

Aston provides short lead times and reliable quality as builders can plan openings to suit stock sizes.

Why are Aston's products an attractive offering for merchants?

They add value for merchants by complementing existing stock and meeting customer demand.

Who are the end customers for Aston's products sold by merchants?

Builders and installers who purchase from merchants for resale to homeowners.

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