The front view of a set of grey bi fold doors.If you’ve ever walked into a room and been instantly uplifted by the light and openness of the space, you might well have fallen for the charms of clever design that has maximised natural light to create a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. Aluminium doors are a powerful tool for achieving this transformation, and Aston Architectural Aluminium is at the forefront of innovation in this area, with a focus on practicality, security, and energy efficiency.

Why Aluminium Doors?

Gone are the days of aluminium doors being a cold, industrial choice. Today’s aluminium doors are highly sought after, sleek, stylish and packed with benefits including:

    • Durability: Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion, warping, and rotting, unlike materials like wood or uPVC. This makes aluminium doors ideal for external use, withstanding the worst of British weather conditions for years to come.
    • Thermal Efficiency: Modern aluminium doors incorporate “thermal break” technology, creating a barrier that stops heat transfer. This translates to a longer lifespan for your door and reduces strain on your HVAC system, contributing to a more energy-efficient home.
    • Natural Light: Aluminium’s inherent slimness allows for larger glazing areas, maximising natural light that floods your space. This not only brightens your interior but also creates a more spacious and inviting atmosphere.
    • Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional materials, aluminium doors require minimal maintenance to keep them looking their best. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is usually all that’s needed, making them a perfect choice for busy homeowners.
    • Security: Modern aluminium doors are equipped with multi-point locking systems and high-quality hardware, offering superior security for your home. Aston Architectural Aluminium also offers doors that are PAS 24 compliant, meaning they have been rigorously tested to resist attempted break-ins.

Colour & Design:

Aston Architectural Aluminium offers a wide range of RAL colours, including classic options like white and grey, as well as bolder choices like anthracite for a truly unique look. You can even explore dual colour options to create a distinct aesthetic for both the interior and exterior of your home. Whether your style is modern or traditional, there’s an aluminium door to perfectly complement your home’s design.

Green Aluminium Window

Transform Your Space with Aluminium Doors

Let’s explore how different aluminium doors can breathe new life into your existing space:

    • Open Up Your Living Area: Bifold doors are a perfect choice for creating a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living areas. Aston’s market-leading AB-38 slimline bifold door boasts unrivalled sightlines thanks to its ultra-slim glazing, offering a truly panoramic view of your garden or patio. This creates a sense of openness and brings the beauty of the outdoors right into your living space.
    • Flood Your Kitchen with Light: Patio doors like the AS-20 or AS-25 from Aston are ideal for kitchens. These sleek doors allow natural light to pour in, making meal prepping and entertaining a delight. Additionally, the sliding functionality ensures a smooth and space-saving way to access your garden or patio.
    • Create a Grand Entrance: Your front door is the first impression your home makes. The AB-60 residential door by Aston is a masterpiece of modern design, combining stunning aesthetics with exceptional thermal performance and top-notch security. It’s available in a wide range of colours, including a chic anthracite grey, allowing you to make a real statement.

Exploring Internal Aluminium Doors

While bifold and patio doors are excellent choices for external openings, aluminium doors can also be a great option for internal applications. Internal French doors, for example, can add a touch of sophistication and allow natural light to flow between rooms. Aston Architectural Aluminium offers a variety of internal door options, including hinged doors and sliding doors, all crafted from the same high-quality aluminium with a strong and sturdy, slim frame for a modern and durable finish throughout your home.

Heritage French Doors

Tips for Choosing Aluminium Doors

Consider the space: Think about how the door will be used and the overall feel you want to achieve. Bifold doors are perfect for opening up large areas, while sliding doors offer a space-saving solution.

    • Measure accurately: Before purchasing your door, ensure you have accurate measurements of your existing doorway to avoid any hiccups during installation.
    • Think about thermal performance: Look for doors with a low U-value which indicates better thermal efficiency.
    • Choose the right colour and style: Consider the overall design of your home and what colour and style will best complement it. Aston Architectural Aluminium offers a wide variety of options to suit any taste.

Aston Architectural Aluminium: Transforming spaces with aluminium doors

At Aston Architectural Aluminium, we are passionate about providing our trade partners with the highest quality aluminium doors. Our bespoke service allows us to create aluminium doors tailored to your exact requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless finish. All our doors are manufactured using premium-grade aluminium and come with a 20-year guarantee on paintwork, giving you complete peace of mind.

Are ready to transform your space with the power of aluminium doors? Visit our website or contact us today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect door for your project.